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HFC19 – Your questions answered

What is Human Factors?

Well, first of all, I would like to tell you what it is NOT. Human factors is not just teamwork and simulation, human factors is not only limited to emergencies, and most of all human factors is not a “soft science”.

Human Factors IS a robust, systematic analysis of all of the elements that affect performance.  This means it considers everything from the macro to the micro, the organisational to the individual.  It incorporates design, engineering, ergonomics as well as psychology & behavioural sciences looking at human behaviour within the working environment.  It is unique because it considers the interactions between people, people and technology, people & machines.  The information gained from this systemic analysis is used to optimise performance and safety.

What’s the point of inter-agency learning?

HFC19 is an inter-agency event between three high-risk industries- airport operations, fire service and healthcare.  Each of these industries has a spectrum of risk and risk management strategies.  Human Factors tools have already been established in aviation & the fire service, so the “relative” novices from healthcare have an opportunity to learn from and with those with more experience using human factors tools.

Those from aviation and fire service have opportunity to describe their “good practice”, sharing what works and why.  By explaining this to another industry, one also has to analyse one’s practice, creating an opportunity to develop resilience; learning from how things go right.

A multitude of different perspectives is generative and certainly innovative.

Why come to HFC19?

HFC19 provides a unique opportunity to hear from the scientists and professionals who research and analyse performance elements and to hear from those who have applied the theory to their organisation/industry.

HFC19 builds on previous years and provides new knowledge and illustrates the application in one event and under one roof. A limited number of early bird tickets for the conference are now available with the event itself taking place on the 16-17th May 2019.

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Join us for HFC19 on the 16-17th May 2019